Music for the Skull / 2017

This is a listening practice mainly for the performers. Through moving one’s mouth, tongue, nose, teeth, eyes, eyelash, eyebrow, and all of the facial muscles, performers listen and correspond to the sounds which resonate in their skulls. Sounds which are produced with closed ears are individual, private and inaudible to anyone else. Where do these sounds come from? What organs listen to these sounds? It is an attempt to make ears free from its original function.


For two performers
Materials: Microphones, Earplug, Chewing gum, Score
Length: approximately 20 minutes
Premiere: EEMT Euro Tour, IKLECTIK, London, 2017

長さ:約20 分
初演:実験音楽とシアターのためのアンサンブル ロンドンーベルリンツアー(SPKTRUM、ベルリン) 2017 年