Compilation album Touch is released from Dragon’s Eye Recording. Compiled an album and and contributed a track fall asleep.
Performance Spacial Training with Hideki Umezawa and Shohei Amimori at YPAM, curated by Aki Onda, BankArt Kaiko

Performance&Exhibition with Kanie Naha, At Abstract Garden, organised by Manami Totsuka, soco1010
Solo Exhibition Unearthed Tremor, 20th of November – 5th of December at Aomori Contemporary Art Center
Whiff will be released as a part of compilation Fieldwave Vol.2, compiled by Nick Luscombe, Nonclassical

Artist in Residency at Aomori Contemporary Art Center

Release Hojo+Kraft’s new album Grass Eater Diary from LINE label, digital format only

Performance ‘I am Listening to You’ at Ground Solyanka, and Solo show ‘Fall Asleep‘ at Electromuseum, in the frame of Thirteenth International Experimental Sound Festival Prepared Environments 2021, Moscow

Some sonic interventions in Hokkaido are Broadcasted on Resonance FM

Uploaded a video of Assorted Sounds, which is a concert filmed on February at OTOOTO, Tokyo
Interview about Covid 19 Pandemic on TOKAS Annual Report 2020

Performance with sergey kasich as a part of OptoSonic Tea, Harvestworks, New York

Included in the collection of scores OVER BORDERS curated by Jez riley French and Pheobe riley Law, for the Walking Festival of Sound

Contributed a sound work titled In the Middle of a Cornfield for the publication Hokkaido With and Lijiang With/Out, curated by Jay Brown and Yasuhiro Morinaga.