TOKAS 2019 Annual  [in JP/EN, June 2020]
Japan Sound Portrait [in EN, with Rahel Kraft, by Nick Luscombe, June 2018]

reviews / articles
Fluid Radio [about SHINONOME, in EN, by James Catchpole, July 2020]
ATTN Magazine [about SHINONOME, in EN, by Jack Chuter, August 2020]
The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art [about I am Listening to You, mentioned in the thesis Gender, Intimacy, and Voices in Sound Art. Encouragements, Self-portraits, and Shadow Walks by Cathy Lane, in EN, February 2020]
Neue Zeitschrift für Musik [about ZKM residency My City My Sounds, in DE, by Götz Dipper, March 2019]

exhibition catalogue
Sotto Voce [in JP/EN, TOKAS Emerging 2019]