The earthquake in March 2011 stressed the vulnerability even of thins that had been considered safe up to that point, including also the collapse of the respective places’ specific functions. What is important now is to not just fix up what has become defective, and refortify the original functions, but we should also reflect on their relevance and appropriateness in the first place.
The primary function of an exhibition, for example, is to “show works of art, ” most of which are usually completed first before being set up in a certain space. However, prioritizing different functions may render it unnecessary to grasp a work of art in its entirety, which would mean that the work itself doesn’t even have to be exhibited. There are always invisible latent potentials hidden underneath the obvious functions.
Multiple synchronized events, in which the piece “Sapporo” is repeatedly performed in and outside the venue over the entire exhibition period, are staged with the aim to enhance the features of the exhibition. The generation of a multi-layered structure in which one act is a performance and at once part of the daily routine is supposed to work as a model for thinking about a place’s various potentials.

本展では、会場の内外で一柳慧作曲の“sapporo” (1962)を会期中演奏し続けるという同時多発的なイベントを起こすことで、展覧会の機能の拡張を試みます。一つの行為が演奏でもあり生活でもあるような多層性をつくりだすことは、場の可能性を考える思考モデルになるのではないかと考えています。

“Sapporo” around the World / 2012 Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo
Curation and Exhibited Sapporo around Tokyo
Venue: Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo
Duration: 44 days
Artists (Ensemble for Experimental Music and Theater): Mika Inoue, Midori Kubota, Satoko Kono, Anzu Suhara, Yuki Sato, Arata Takagi, Takuma Nishihama, Yui Nakamura, Tomomi Adachi and Tomoko Hojo

“Sapporo” aounrd the world(2012)
キュレーション、および 作品「”Sapporo” around Tokyo」の発表
長さ:44 日
参加アーティスト( 実験音楽とシアターのためのアンサンブル):井上美香、久保田翠、河野聡子、須原杏、佐藤佑樹、高木生、西浜琢磨、中村ゆい、足立智美、北條知子

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