This work was presented in the exhibition “Sapporo” around the world which I also involved as a curator.

The way to interpret “Sapporo” in this work
1 Separate a score into grids of 3 and 10 rectangles. There are 30 sections and one section means one day. *

2 Trace the score into the transparent sheet of paper, and put it on the Tokyo map.
3 Read signs of the score and locations on the Tokyo map. Define the actual site and sign, and go there, then perform.
4 Continue it for 44 days. **

*Although the total period of the exhibition is 44 days, the score exchange will be happening and should be jumping to the different sections, so 30 sections does not matter.

**If there are no signs on the score, it means silence. In this case, a performer goes to an observation platform and shoot a landscape. There are 10 observation platforms from the ground to 250m above the ground, which are decided depending on which part of the score the performer is playing. For instance, when the performer plays a silence on the top line of the score, she goes to an observation platform which height is 250m.

These are documents of performances in 44 days. When the silence parts continue for a couple of days, it binds as one video.