Rebron Homes Through My Voice German Version / 2017

Please feel free to walk around
while you listen to the audio work.
You may find 15 postcards on your way.

How does the process of transforming a personal memory into someone else’s work? After an event has passed by, it is impossible to share places, sceneries and sounds exactly in the same way. However, through revealing and sharing one’s memory, it is recreated in the listener’s imagination, based on her/his own experiences. It may be very concrete or even imaginary.
Reborn Homes Through My Voice was presented at the Japanese sculptor Denchu Hirakushi’s House and atelier in April 2017. The audio material is based on recordings in the venue and interviews with local inhabitants around the Ueno Sakuragi area, Tokyo, Japan. It was originally composed as a narrative 4-channel-installation. This site-specific work is adapted to Nairs through a German translation and 16 postcards scattered throughout the space. The small aural episodes on the postcards function as a visual supplement of the audio, as well as inviting for own interpretations.



Exhibited at the group show SPOT ON Nairs, Contemporary Art Center Nairs, Scuol, Switzerland in 2017-2018
Photo by Janine Schranz

グループ展SPOT ON Nairsで展示、現代美術館Nairs、シュクオル、スイス、2017-2018
写真 Janine Schranz