Solo Exhibition fall asleep / 2021


Recently I found a special bell at my home, where a buddhist temple lasts more than 500 years. This delicate bell is made of a copper alloy with traces of silver, and only used when a buddhist monk and its partner are passed away, in front of their dead bodies with chanting. In other words, I will only hear this the sound when my parents are dead. No one knows why this very special rules were made, and why it is dedicated for such specific people. The only clear thing is that the bell’s sound, vibration and ripples delivered by living person would softly touch to their freshly dead, sleeping bodies. 

Does sounds reach dead body?
Does sounds reach sleeping body?

More and more I ring bells, more and more I am drawn into overlapped acoustic waves, and consciousness is slowly diffused, like falling asleep, or arousal from sleep. Gradually, the boundary between life and death, awake and sleep are blurred and its threshold is invisible as our eyes were pricked with a needle. Voices appeared from nowhere and keep walking with it along the edge of dream/dead state.




Solo Exhibition fall asleep
August 19 – October 10 2021, Electromuseum, Moscow, Russia
Organised by Moscow Sound Art Gallery SA))