Concert Series Assorted Sounds / 2021

‘Assorted Sounds’ was organised by composer Francesca Le Lohé and sound artist Tomoko Hojo. With guests Atsumi Kojima (sho) and Chiho Oka (sound artist), we presented new work and improvisational performances. The basic idea behind this concert was to create a space in which artists and composers can share work in progress or try new ideas in the field of experimental sounds and music. We also intended to focus on women composers and performers, as female artists have often been ignored in Japan. Each artist’s approach is very different and by ‘assorting’ their work together in a concert, some unexpected interactions emerged.
*This concert was held without an audience due to a declaration of a State of Emergency. Filmed on 13th February, 2021 at OTOOTO, Tokyo. Video: Hiroyuki Kojima

収録日: 2021年2月13日、会場: OTOOTO 、撮影: 小嶋宏維