Tomoko Hojo (Tokyo) and Rahel Kraft (Vienna/Zurich) have developed a collaborative practice since 2016 around sound, place and intimacy. They met in London during the Master course in Sound Arts studies and soon discovered many shared interests. With performance, interviews, field recording, text and improvisation they create sound works focusing on the individual relationship between sound and place. The recent work Audiowalk INNERN is an app designed for the specific path along the river Inn between Scuol village and Nairs in a remote area of the Swiss Alps. In 2017, Hojo+Kraft created Reborn Homes Through My Voiceseven site-specific sound works especially made for a traditional Japanese house in Tokyo with performances and events. A German edition of this work was exhibited in the group show SPOT ON, Nairs Switzerland in 2018. They reconstructed past projects as a performance piece My Place / My Sound and performed in London, Karlsruhe and Kyoto in 2018, 2019, which received a high evaluation. Their work has been broadcasted on Resonance FM Extra and BBC Radio 3.

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